Get Help

The Community Relief Organization is a network of “neighbors helping neighbors” working to help residents of Mt Holly and surrounding areas to make it through a time of crisis.

Not sure whether you live in our area? Come by the CRO or contact us and we will let you know. If you are outside our area, we will direct you to another agency that can help.

If you are in need, here are the ways we can help:


Residents of Mt. Holly can receive a supply of food once every two months. Simply come to the CRO, tell us your name and address and other basic information, and we will bring you a cart of fresh, frozen and non-perishable food.

If you need food but live outside the Mt Holly area, or if you have received food less than two months ago, please come by the CRO and we may be able to help.

Rent or Utility Assistance

If you are struggling to stay on top of rent or utility payments, the CRO can help by paying a portion of your bill, up to once per calendar year.

The amount of rent or utility assistance available may vary depending on available funds. In 2024 the max rent or utility assistance available per household is $200.

Here’s how to receive rent assistance:

      • Bring a copy of your lease or rental agreement to the CRO
      • The CRO will provide a form indicating how much money is owed. The form needs to be signed by your landlord.
      • When the CRO receives the lease and the completed form, they will send money directly to your landlord.

Here’s how to receive utility assistance:

      • Bring a copy of your water, electric or heating bill to the CRO, within 10 days of the bill’s due date. Bills due further than 10 days out will not be paid.
      • The CRO will call the utility company directly and commit to paying the required amount, up to the yearly max available. We will then provide a reference number which you should keep for your records.
      • The CRO will not cover any late fees on your utility bill.