Pharmacy Assistance


Pharmacy Assistance

Neighbors who cannot afford to fill necessary prescriptions for heart and blood pressure medication are provided assistance by the CRO. We help our neighbors maintain their health and avoid costly hospitalization by removing the affordability barrier from prescription medications,​

Who Can Use Our Free Pharmacy Assistance:

  • Residents of the City of Mount Holly
  • People who do not have health insurance with prescription coverage
  • People in need of prescription medications that cannot afford them


A complete list of what is required when coming to the CRO for assistance can be found here.

Visit our Location, Directions & Hours page for information specific to our office.

For questions about the CRO’s Free Pharmacy Assistance services, please call 704-827-0450.

Informative Links – If you are in need of medications that you cannot afford and are interested in working directly with pharmaceutical companies to obtain your medications, please use the following useful links: